Sunday, June 22, 2014

Rookie Blue - All By Her Selfie

With Jarvis (Oliver Becker) promoting Oliver (Matt Gordon) to acting staff sergeant a new day dawns for 15 Division. An amped-up Andy (Missy Peregrym) volunteers to train the new recruit Duncan Moore (Matthew Owen Murray), not realizing the man's demeanor and family connections make the situation far more challenging than she initially suspected. Constantly taking selfies of himself, far too gung-ho to see some action, and botching telling a widow of her husband's death, Moore's first day doesn't foreshadow big things in the young man's future.

What starts out as a simple response to a breaking an entering at a pawn shop becomes more complicated when the pair of officers discover the owner tortured to death in the basement. After chasing down a homeless man (William MacDonald) with a love of haiku who Andy chose to let go before discovering the body, the pair learn that the pawn owner was a cheat who got on the bad side of several customers including a drug addict (Ryan McDonald) who hocked his father's ring for chump change not realizing its sentimental and monetary worth.

Continuing to play on themes from the season premiere, Swarek (Ben Bass) spends time with his sister (Robin Brûlé) in scenes that foreshadow a troubled history but don't offer much in the way of answers. And when the woman warns Andy off her brother, Andy's view of a bright shiny new future with the man she loves is shaken before it even begins. Meanwhile Chloe (Priscilla Faia) finally opens up to Epstein (Gregory Smith) about her controlling husband (Clé Bennett) and the marriage she'd rather forget.

With the exception of the introduction of Moore and the shakeup in 15 Division's heirarchy there's far less going on in the season's second episode than the premiere. That said, for a show called Rookie Blue it's good to have at least one rookie among the main characters and pairing Moore with Andy (for her first attempt as a training officer) should offer an unique spin to their time together on the job. Although Epstein and Chloe continue to mend fences, other romantic subplots take a backseat here to the introduction of a new character who could spell disaster for both Oliver and Andy should things go wrong with his training.

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