Monday, June 2, 2014

Continuum - Minute of Silence

Taking the death of Betty (Jennifer Spence) particularly hard, Carlos (Victor Webster) shares the secret of the dead Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) with Alec (Erik Knudsen). Already burdened with the struggles to get HALO off the ground and the fact that Kellog (Stephen Lobo) is suing him for freezing him out and going to work for Piron, Alec doesn't take the news that Kiera hid the existence of her dead double very well (even though the discovery of the body does help solve one of his problems).

Kiera and Carlos are assigned by Dillon (Brian Markinson) to catch a group of thieves using future tech to steal more advanced technology including a prototype of Alec's Halo system. Kiera is distracted by an amnesiac (Ryan Robbins) whose limited knowledge of his past includes somehow knowing her name but not his own. After hearing a little of the man's scattered memories, and seeing him step into stop Chen's (Terry Chen) attack on Kiera, Agent Cameron becomes certain that whoever John Doe is he is definitely a time traveler. Getting an unexpected tip from Lucas (Omari Newton), Carlos not only finds one of the thieves but also the man (Alex Kyshkovych) responsible for Betty's death although the motivations behind her murder remain a mystery to be solved.

Alec's decision to buy-out SadTech rather than face a lengthy legal battle with little chance of success puts him back in bed with Kellog but diffuses one of his pressing problems. Harvesting the dead Kiera for her CMR may solve another as Alec crosses a definite line while trying to make HALO a reality a decade before its time. This will likely further strain Kiera and Alec's relationship and also muddy the waters of the future further. As to the mysterious John Doe, despite Kiera's intrinsic trust of the man, it's still unclear what the time traveler's original purpose was or how he's connection to Kiera and her mission.

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