Monday, September 29, 2014

Beware the Batman - Doppleganger

With Katana (Sumalee Montano) attempting to stand-in for Batman (Anthony Ruivivar), Bruce Wayne takes some time off getting to know Harvey Dent (Christopher McDonald) and his head of security. After encountering Man-Bat (Robin Atkin Downes) for the first time, however, Bruce doesn't waste any time in donning the cape and cowl and hitting the streets with Katana to find out who the new Bat-creature prowling the night of Gotham is.

Featuring Professor Pyg (Brian George) and Mr. Toad (Udo Kier), a favorite of the show's writers (although not of mine), the television show integrates the madmen's ecological message into Kurt Langstrom's backstory to explain his transformation into Man-Bat. Although not necessary, the added twist doesn't do too much harm to Man-Bat's origins (it's strong enough to withstand Pyg and Toad being forced into it), and once Batman removes the mind-control devices Man-Bat proves helpful in stopping Pyg and Toad's plans to create a mutant army.

"Doppleganger" makes a few changes to ongoing storylines. First, we see Dent's obsession with Batman has nothing to do with his quest for justice and only for his run at the mayor's office (which Bruce decides to help fund). Second, Katana begins training Barbara in the use of self-defense teasing the idea we may see Oracle don some tights of her own before the series end. And last, the unsubtle introduction of Dane Lislow (Downes) foreshadows a new adversary for Batman on the horizon.

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