Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sleepy Hollow - This Is War

After spending the first-third of the episode on a fake reality used by Moloch to lower the defenses and force Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) and Abbie (Nicole Beharie) into revealing information about an artifact the demon needs to lead his army into the Earth, the season finale picks up in earnest with Ichabod breaking out of his casket, reuniting with Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood), and working together to stop the plans of Moloch and the Sin Eater (John Noble).

"This Is War" is the kind of episode that fans of the series have come to expect mixing in action, horror, and a little comedy while putting the fates of not only the main characters but all life in Sleepy Hollow (and beyond) in the balance. Without a subplot focused on Captain Irving (Orlando Jones) or his family, Greenwood gets more screentime than usual (which suits me just fine). The series' trend to make Ichabod a friend and acquaintance of every notable figure in the later-half of the 18th Century continues as his knowledge gained as an apprentice of Benjamin Franklin leads the witness to the founding father's key which can literally unlock a doorway into Purgatory and save his partner without sacrificing his wife.

The season premiere wraps up the immediate threat of Moloch's army invading earth as gives Ichabod, Jenny, and Abbie a moment of respite. Although the Purgatory storyline is put to bed, Katrina (Katia Winter) remains in the clutches of the Headless Horseman and Moloch sends a new warrior for Ichabod's son to command and do his master's bidding, meaning it looks like there's plenty of new challenges for the witnesses to fight against in the show's Second Season. The end of the episode seems to suggest we will be seeing Jenny stay on to help Ichabod and Abbie fight the good fight (hopefully every week).

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