Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fables #143

Continuing to gear up the end of the series, the return of Bigby Wolf creates new problems in Fables #143. Unaware that the feral creature is being controlled by the mysterious woman whose true motives have yet to be revealed, the out-of-control Bigby is slowly leaking magic into the outside world destabilizing the illusions that keep Fabletown hidden.

Things aren't slowly down in the growing conflict between Snow White or Rose Red as both women choose names for their swords and take one step closer to inevitable conflict. And, proving Snow a better judge of character than her sister, Brandish takes advantage of the confusion to murder Weyland Smith exacting a bit of revenge and earning a measure of freedom as his exact role in the coming conflict is still very much undecided.

The strong issue also includes the very last story of Babe the Minature Blue Ox who reminds readers of previous adventures and then threatens them not to finish the issue thus allowing the series to continue. If only that was the case. Worth a look.

[Vertigo, $2.99]

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