Thursday, September 11, 2014

Legends - Rogue

After teasing us with, but largely ignoring, the truth about Martin Odum (Sean Bean) for the show's first few episodes in favor of FBI missions used to demonstrate both Martin's unique skill-set and his mental state, "Rogue" finally begins to put the mystery of who Martin Odum really is front and center. Beginning with telling off his shrink (Linda Park) and enlisting the help of Maggie (Tina Majorino) to lead him to not one but two other members (Blake Robbins, Kirk Acevedo) of a secret American battalion which he may have been part of back in February of 2004, Odum goes off the reservation and assumes one of his legends in order to get some answers.

Martin isn't the only who seeking help. Stymied at every turn, Rice (Morris Chestnut) enlists the help of Crystal (Ali Larter) to further his own investigation and look into the trail of recently deceased veterans whose only connection appears to be Odum. One-step behind Martin the entire way, all the pair discover are more questions and dead bodies left by someone hoping to prevent anyone, particularly Martin Odum, from learning the truth. The score of dead bodies and car crash Martin leaves in Houston to close the episode isn't likely to clarify matters for either Martin or Rice and Crystal.

"Rogue" draws some distinct lines in the hazy world surrounding Martin's life. The pairing of Crystal and Rice is a bit surprising but works well as the drive to solve the mystery and mutual concern about Martin Odum explains their partnership. Far less surprising is the revelation that Martin's wife Sonya (Amber Valletta) is in on the conspiracy and that her attentions wane or become more focused depending on the mental state of a man who is only now starting to doubt who he is after a decade of living Martin Odum's life. With only one living lead left to question and both the FBI and whoever controls Sonya aware he's up to something, Odum has a limited period of time to get answers before he's found (although I wouldn't expect any big revelations this early in the show's run).

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