Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Velvet #7

Although she doesn't make an appearance in this issue other than in a flashback, Velvet Tempelton's spirit can be found of every page of the latest issue of Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting's Velvet. Where the previous issues were spent to set-up the premise and the mystery of searching for the truth of what happened to the super-spy turned secretary, Velvet #7 is focused on the woman herself and how she's viewed by the two men leading the search to find her. Even if, for the first time, we aren't seeing the world from her perspective, the latest issue arguably offers readers the clearest picture of the character yet.

Velvet's continued actions baffle Colt and Roberts who are only beginning to suspect that there's likely far more to the story than the simple frame job suggests. Colt's perspective gives us a glimpse at the dangerous false trails one finds while searching for a master spy while Roberts more analytical approach searches for assets and leverage which can be used against Velvet, although he discovers just how far he's been lagging behind his target in the final couple pages of yet another terrific issue. Best of the Week.

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