Sunday, September 28, 2014

Franklin & Bash - Dance the Night Away

Franklin (Breckin Meyer) and Bash (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) bring puppets and strippers together for the best episode of the new season. Hired by an exotic dancer (Diora Baird) who is facing unemployment and medical bills after being injured on the job, Franklin and Bash are dealt swift defeat in court by Damien (Reed Diamond) but are able to turn things around by unionizing the exotic dancers who join a local group of puppeteers in order to be recognized as a legitimate union under the law.

In an episode that includes Karp returning to the firm and Jared becoming a Scottish Duke (in lieu of payment on a case) and giving into his romantic feelings for Peter's mother (Jane Seymour), the puppets (including a pair made to resemble the two lead characters) steal the show. Known for its courtroom stunts and stunning female guest-stars, the latest episode of Franklin & Bash doesn't skimp in either beautiful dancers or Jared and Franklin's in-court zaniness which include a pole dancing tutorial for the jury and a courtroom filled with strippers and puppeteers.

Karp's return means we won't see Peter and Jared going up against him in court but we should get more office shenanigans among the group (possibly hitting both Jared and Peter heavily in the wallet given the proviso of Karp's return). The choice to tease a relationship between Damien and Anita (Toni Trucks) is unexpected but makes sense and opens up a new subplot for the pair going forward. The fallout from Jared's drunken night of passion is likely to cause friction between the pair going forward, but Peter can't remain angry at the Duke forever. (Can he?)

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