Monday, September 8, 2014

Beware the Batman - Monsters

The arrival of a group of heavily armored and well financed thugs roaming the streets of Old Gotham, along with a mysterious savior whom the neighbor has dubbed their Golem, brings Batman (Anthony Ruivivar) and Katana (Sumalee Montano) to Gotham City's poorest part of town. Unmasking Metamorpho (Adam Baldwin) as the Golem doesn't stop the mercenaries working for the imprisoned Simon Stagg's (Jeff Bennett) daughter Sapphire (Emmanuelle Chriqui) nor the out-of-control District Attorney Harvey Dent (Christopher McDonald) intent on taking down the city's vigilantes by any means necessary.

Along with introducing Katana to Metamorpho for the first time, and taking one more step into the show's plans to officially form The Outsiders (a name which is even deliberately dropped at one point), "Monsters" also provides a flashback when Batman's search for the Golem leads him into Crime Alley offering fans their first look at the show's version of Joe Chill and the night which changed Bruce Wayne's life forever.

Metamorpho resurfacing is expected but I am surprised at the villain turn for Sapphire Stagg (who Metamorpho may finally come out of hiding to eventually save?) as another corrupt influence in Gotham City. Now acepting his role as a hero, it will be interesting who will be the next Outsider member to be introduced. The Crime Alley flashback was tastefully handled, although adding nothing new to what Bat-fans have seen done several times over the years.

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