Thursday, September 4, 2014

Legends - Betrayal

After successfully taking down Yuri (Alon Aboutboul) and Ana (Necar Zadegan) and acquiring what they believe is all the VX gas which Richard Hubbard (David Meunier) was forced to make for the Colonel things begin to go immediately wrong for the FBI. First the VX turns out to be nothing more than hairspray, and the team learns the real VX will be used in a series of terrorist attacks which will not stop until Yuri and Ana are freed.

After the first attack on a Los Angeles bus leaves 16 dead, Martin Odum (Sean Bean) has no choice but to continue playing the role of Dante Auerbach. Following an elaborately staged escape, Dante demands the VX gas he paid for while putting his life in the hands of Ana who now knows Martin's secret and is even more unpredictable now that she also knows the truth why Yuri chose to adopt her from an orphanage all those years ago.

With so much of the episode centering around wrapping up the VX storyline the B-story involving Rice's (Morris Chestnut) investigation is given little time, however Rice does discover Martin is innocent of the murder of the homeless veteran which only raises more questions about what really happened on that subway platform and why. Ending in tragedy, the team recovers the VX but neither Yuri nor Ana live to see it leaving a conflicted Martin to deal with the truth of his own past which apparently will begin to take center stage beginning next week.

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