Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Beware the Batman - Unique

Bringing the Golden and Silver Age character to the Beware the Batman universe while putting its own spin on his story, "Unique" introduces Manhunter (Xander Berkeley), a government agent kept in suspended animation for 20 years while evil scientist Dr. Anatol Mykros and his shadow organization known only as The Council have created an army of cloned automatons from his DNA.

Introducing the man behind Manhunter's mask as a friend of Bruce Wayne's (Anthony Ruivivar) father Thomas, Bruce reaches out to Kirk's daughter Ava (Tisha T. Banker) after discovering her long-presumed father is still alive and hunting down an army of mindless clones controlled by Dr. Mykros. When Mykos sends the clones to kidnap Ava, Batman and Katana (Sumalee Montano) help Manhunter step-in to save Ava and help Manhunter take down the mad scientist.

This version of Manhunter fits well into the tone of the show and the cartoon's existing storylines (even if tying the Wayne family to Kirk feels unnecessarily forced). Bruce Wayne hasn't had much luck with the ladies on the show (and we've still yet to see traditional characters to fill that role such as Vicki Vale, Talia, or Selina Kyle) so Ava serves two purposes here as both a bridge to link Batman closer to Manhunter's mission and as a new recurring character for the show's final remaining episodes.

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