Friday, September 26, 2014

Bones - The Conspiracy in the Corpse

Set three months after the events of the show's Ninth Season finale, Booth (David Boreanaz) remains in prison for the death of three FBI agents. On the outside Bones (Emily Deschanel) gathers the Jeffersonian team to look into a 16 year-old murder in hopes of unraveling the conspiracy inside the FBI. Hodgins (T.J Thyne), Clark (Eugene Byrd), and Cam (Tamara Taylor) have their hands full when they discover someone to great pains to make it incredibly difficult to gather any new useful information about the remains should they ever be exhumed. Fearing for her husband's safety in the prison, Bones also takes it upon herself to blackmail the Federal Prosecutor (David Fabrizio) in charge of his case to get Booth sent home before another prison assault leaves Booth with more than just scrapes and bruised ribs.

Against his better judgement, Booth's boss (Sterling Macer, Jr.) puts him back in the field to investigate the case which landed him in prison (and which he won't drop no matter what action the FBI takes), but to minimize any trouble he also assigns Sweets (John Francis Daley) to Booth in hopes that the FBI agent's friend may be able to keep Booth under control (he also offers Brennan some good advice about dealing with Booth's mindset following the FBI's betrayal which has left the agent unsure about the institution to which he dedicated half of his life). Sadly for Sweets, his help on the case costs him his life and leaves a pregnant Daisy (Daisy Wick) alone without a father for her unborn child.

With the help of Angela (Michaela Conlin) the team is able to determine the real cause of Cooper's death with a little help from Hodgins whose paranoia helps keep the victim's bones outside the reach of those would like to see them disappear. The episode ends with several promising leads and Sweets making the ultimate sacrifice which just may give the team the final clue to the puzzle. I'm sad to see Daley disappear, but given the fact that his Hollywood star seems to be rising the show does justice to his final episode while teasing an entire episode to a farewell to Dr. Lance Sweets next week as well.

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