Thursday, September 18, 2014

Legends - Gauntlet

Following the shootout and consequent car wreck, Martin (Sean Bean) and injured Dobson (Kirk Acevedo) find themselves arrested by Houston police and taken to a local hospital. Despite his reservations about the entire situation, Gates (Steve Harris) decides to back Martin's off-book mission and dispatches Crystal (Ali Larter) and Tony Rice (Morris Chestnut) to Houston to discover just what the hell Martin has gotten himself involved in now and track down the military ordinance Dobson's men were in possession of before Martin's intervention.

When a well-trained hit squad shows up at the hospital and try to retrieve Dobson and take out Martin, the agent makes a run for it with his prisoner hoping to stay ahead of his pursuers long enough to make some sense out of a past he doesn't remember. Although Dobson offers him breadcrumbs to his time in Iraq, anything resembling true answers is kept beyond Martin's grasp, including any extra intel Dobson may have been holding onto after surviving another hit squad only to be taken out by a sniper while under FBI custody.

Next week's preview suggests the show returning to relative normal with Martin going back undercover as another Legend. I understand that's the basic set-up for the show, but the storylines involving Martin delving deeper into the mysteries of his past have been far more interesting. I'm sad to see those plotlines be put on the back burner for however long before Legends decides to offer up another breadcrumb or two about just who Martin Odom is and why Gates and Sonya (Amber Valletta) don't want him to remember.

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