Monday, October 24, 2016

Batman #9

Tied to the series' initial arc, the first issue of "I Am Suicide" follows Batman to Arkham Asylum to put together a team of villains who he has put away over the years. The goal is to find Bane and get a hold of Psycho-Pirate who is the only one capable of reversing the damage he has done to Gotham Girl's fragile mind.

Batman #9 raises an interesting point - what would Batman's opinion of the Suicide Squad be? Would the Dark Knight Detective really be okay with arming his former adversaries and working alongside them? The issue seems to suggest this is Batman's only choice, however what about calling in the assistance of the rest of the Bat-Family?

If you accept that Batman does need the Suicide Squad's help the issue still has some problems as Batman's trek around the asylum offers plenty of cameos to several Bat-villains but also makes in increasingly confusing as to just who Batman is recruiting for his team as dossiers on random villains are highlighted. While I'm all in favor of Batman working alongside his final choice I am confused as to why she would be in Arkham rather Blackgate or another standard prison. For fans.

[DC, $2.99]

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