Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Once Upon a Time - The Other Shoe

Having already explored the origins of Cinderella in the show's First Season, "The Other Shoe" takes a look at untold story of Ashley's (Jessy Schram) stepsister Clorinda (Mekenna Melvin) who, along with her evil stepmother (Lisa Banes), has been brought to Storybrooke from the Land of Untold Stories. Aside from delving a little more into Cinderella's tale, the story's main focus is to showcase an example of how the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) plans to used the strangers brought into Storybrooke to sew the seeds of destruction. In much the same way David (Josh Dallas) continues to obsess about his father's coin and the truth about his passing which it turns out is more complicated than he always believed.

Still fighting the fear of the end of her own story, and dealing with the intermittent shakes and magic lapses, Emma (Jennifer Morrison) continues to embrace her role as Savior and stand-up for the first happy ending she fought so hard to save after arriving in Storybrooke. Triumphant over the Evil Queen here, the question remains - just who is the villain who will threaten to end Emma's story once and for all? While the story episode covers some of the same ground as previous episodes, it does allow for Emma to conquer her fears both in helping save Ashley's happy ending (along with that of her stepsister) and, despite the looming future, accept and enjoy the love she has found with Hook (Colin O'Donoghue).

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