Thursday, October 20, 2016

No Tomorrow - No Doubt

Evie's (Tori Anderson) 31st birthday brings the moment she has been dreading as her two worlds collide when her friends and family meet Xavier (Joshua Sasse) for the first time at her surprise birthday party. At first a huge hit with everyone for arranging one hell of an amazing birthday surprise, the night ends on a sour note when Evie's friends and family finally learn about his belief that an asteroid will strike the Earth and kill everyone on the planet in less than a year. Evie's stress is compounded by seeing her loving, if a bit mad, boyfriend get arrested while attempting (not for the first time) to get a reputable scientist to look over his work.

The show still has quite a bit of fat which it could trim. Evie's ex either needs to be worked more naturally into a subplot or let fade away into oblivion. Too much time in the episode is devoted to Evie's work once again, however, the search for who has been screwing up multiple orders does eventually tie back neatly into the episode's major theme. Whether Evie believes Xavier's theory or not she can see how his view of the world has changed her, her friends, and her family for the better. Jumping in with both feet to support her new love, whether or not she can fully accept his beliefs, is a huge step for the buttoned-down quality-control worker. And now that Xavier's secret is out of the bag I'll be curious to see what further effects his philosophy has on those closest to Evie.

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