Monday, October 17, 2016

Star Wars Rebels - Hera's Heroes

"Hera's Heroes" returns the crew of the Ghost to Hera's (Vanessa Marshall) home planet of Ryloth where the local Rebels have seen their fortunes worsen since a new Imperial commander has arrived. The episode is notable for both introducing Scout Troopers to the series, and playing on the long-running gag of Ezra (Taylor Gray) still collecting Imperial helmets, and for offering the first interaction between one of our heroes and Grand Admiral Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen) when Hera and Ezra are captured while attempting to retrieve a sacred artifact from her home.

Breaking into Imperial command with Ezra disguised as a Scout Trooper, the pair are captured. Not only does Thrawn see through their ruse and correctly surmises Hera's true identity but after taking his small victory he sits back to observe the Rebel's tactics. Hera and Ezra may stymie the Empire's immediate plans, but Thrawn picks up valuable information about his enemy which may come back to hurt them later this season.

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