Monday, October 3, 2016

Blue Beetle #1

The new Blue Beetle comic begins with giving us a look at Jaime Reyes' high school life, introducing a new group of super-powered vigilantes known as the Posse and foreshadowing a confrontation down the line between Blue Beetle and Dr. Fate of the hero's scarab.

There's a bit too much of the high school setting in this issue for my tastes. As with Blue Beetle: Rebirth #1, the best part of this issue is the back-and-forth between Blue Beetle and the last hero to use that moniker, his mentor Ted Kord. Kord is also on hand to be the butt of one of the issue's jokes as the entrepreneur's presentation at Jaime's school doesn't get him the response he hoped for.

Blue Beetle's initial confrontation with a member of the Posse provides the only real action of the issue while Jaime's dream sequence and a few words of warning from Ted Kord begin laying the foundation of trouble between the heroes and the Lord of Order (something I found more tantalizing that the Posse or Jaime walking the corridors of his high school). For fans.

[DC, $2.99]

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