Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Mockingbird #8

If the last issue was a bit of a mess Mockingbird ends its eight-issue run on a high note. With the Phantom Rider exposed the final issue of the series is devoted to tying up all the loose ends (while still having the same kind of zany fun we've become accustomed to). Writer Chelsea Cain takes some pleasure in playing with the Rider's unusual power set such as his ghost horse and his ability to summon the dead to do his bidding. In this instance, however, neither works out exactly as the Phantom Rider planned.

Fitting in as much of odd pieces of the story as possible, even the Corgis get a couple of cameos, the issue comes to a close with Bobbi defeating the villain and then (after being unceremoniously dumped overboard) enjoying a few relaxing days at a beach-side resort.

The only real negative here is the tie-in back to Civil War II which feels a bit forced. In truth, the ending is hard to take seriously given both the tone of the comic and the fact that the scene is far more plausible if it's Bobbi's beach-bound fantasy. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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