Saturday, October 8, 2016

He-Man/ThunderCats #1

In a crossover that seems three decades late, DC Comics' new six-issue series introduces the characters from two 1980s cartoons to each other as the worlds of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and ThunderCats literally come crashing down on one another. The first issue of the series begins with Mumm-Ra whose inability to destroy the ThuderCats has angered the ancient evil which provide his power. Deciding their agent needs a boost, the powers open a portal dropping Third Earth on top Eternia and send Mumm-Ra after the Sword of Power.

He-Man/ThunderCats #1 also introduces us to the bumbling Prince Adam whose father is still unaware of his son's secret. Disguised as the Sorceress, Mumm-Ra steals the Sword of Power away from Adam, impaling the prince. However, still connected to the sword, Adam can call on the power of Grayskull and reappear as He-Man.

Although Mumm-Ra is able to make it off with the sword, He-Man is on the case to find it. And as for the ThunderCats' adversary, he gets an unexpected visit which shifts the balance of power in the series in a new direction in the final panel.

Fans of the original cartoons should enjoy themselves here. He-Man/ThunderCats #1 isn't a great issue, but it does feature some appearances by old favorites while setting up a threat large enough to team-up He-Man and his friends with the ThunderCats. I doubt I'll stick around for the entire series, but this nostaglic look back at the two franchises was fun. For fans.

[DC, $3.99]

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