Thursday, October 27, 2016

Infamous Iron Man #1

The Infamous Iron Man #1 isn't the first time someone else has stepped into the armor in place of Tony Stark. It is, however, the first time Doctor Doom has done so. Set after the events of Marvel's ongoing Civil War II storyline, a need arises for someone new to step into Iron Man's shoes. That man, it appears, is former super-villain Victor von Doom. With Marvel's big event still ongoing the reason for Doom stepping in is still a bit murky, but one thing is for sure - no one is going to look at Iron Man the same way after this.

Doctor Doom has a long history with Marvel Comics. His recent adventures have left the scarred character whole (or at least more whole than he has been in decades). While the reasoning for such a move raises questions Brian Michael Bendis has no intention of answering, the idea of a Doctor Doom Iron Man is an intriguing one. Presented from Doom's point of view, this first issue is mainly meant to wet the appetite of Marvel fans as he takes down a villain like Diablo, rescues Maria Hill, and then proceeds to rob Stark Industries to further his own plans (which could include redemption or something far more layered and calculating). Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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