Sunday, October 9, 2016

Longmire - Chrysalis

While Donna (Ally Walker) continues to keep her distance and deal with the trauma she went through, Walt (Robert Taylor) begins an investigation into a missing man whose daughter (Hannah Nordberg) Cady (Cassidy Freeman) discovers abandoned in the casino parking lot. When the body turns up having been run over by a car, the victim's jittery wife (Anne Dudek) becomes the prime suspect leaving Walt at an impasse for what to do with the girl - especially after he learns more of their story. The mystery pulls no punches, revealing neglect and spousal abuse, but the last revelation will prove to be the most heartbreaking of all.

A murder intentionally thought to be tied to the casino allows the show to revisit Walt's long distrust of Malachi (Graham Greene). Brought to his attention, Jacob Nighthorse (A Martinez) and Henry (Lou Diamond Phillips) both do their own investigating into Malachi's machinations which involve laundering money though a company neither has heard of and a woman at the casino (Beau Garrett) who knows far more than she tells Walt. Nighthorse also offers Cady an example of the trust he is put in her as she discovers working for him on the rez to redistribute funds amongst the community may be harder than she initially suspected.

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