Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Lucifer - The Weaponizer

Lucifer's Second Season takes a dark turn with the arrival of Lucifer's brother Uriel (Michael Imperioli). Given his power to see and change patterns to fit his desired outcome, the angel arranges for Chloe's (Lauren German) car crash to get his brother's attention. Uriel's powers are actually quite fascinating, and I'm curious to see what else God's other children might be able to do. Giving Lucifer an ultimatum of 24 hours, Lucifer must either turn over his Mum (Tricia Helfer) to his brother or watch Chloe die. As usual, Lucifer finds a third option out of his problem, but the choices he makes at the end of the episode are likely to haunt the character for some time to come.

The murder of the week offers its share of enjoyable moments as the death of a B-list action star tickles the fancy of both the Devil and Detective Douche (Kevin Alejandro). The fact that Charisma Carpenter guest-stars as the actor's ex-wife proves to be some fun casting as well. While the case provides most of the episode's lighthearted moments, the storyline surrounding Lucifer's mother (and the lengths he goes to save both her and Chloe) is the far bigger story.

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