Saturday, October 8, 2016

Blindspot - If Beth

Blindspot continues its Second Season themes of painting the terrorist organization which tattooed most of Jane's (Jaimie Alexander) body in enigmatic clues, wiped her memory, locked her in a trunk, and dumped her in Times Square as the more likable and trustworthy organization between themselves and the FBI. Brought further into the fold, Jane learns a bit more about Sheppard (Michelle Hurd) and the events which led her to become involved with Sandstorm. Meanwhile everyone at the FBI seems inexplicably blind to the fact that their actions and attitudes (torture, distrust, anger, contempt, revulsion, etc.) towards Jane could be pushing her further into the welcoming bosom of dangerous, but at least accepting, individuals they are relying on Jane to take down.

The case of the week based on one of Jane's tattoos sends the FBI after a government agent using his clearance to create perfect crimes and selling step-by-step walkthroughs of government agencies, embassies, and safe houses in the form of seemingly innocuous video games. The latest job, a hit inside a museum, leads the FBI to capture a burned CIA agent (Karen Pittman) who it turns out has some very good reasons to be killing off her former compatriots. The episode also continues the B-story involving Reade's (Rob Brown) repressed memories which get the agent into trouble.

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