Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Batman Beyond: Rebirth #1

Batman Beyond: Rebirth #1 is a pretty basic primer for those unfamiliar with the television show of the same name. Writer Dan Jurgens and artist Ryan Sook give us flashbacks to the series' first episode explaining how Terry McGinnis became the Batman of the near-future Gotham.

The other piece of the issue introduces the future world and sets up the idea that most people still believe Terry to be dead (including his former girlfriend Dana who gets kidnapped by Jokerz). This sends Batman into action into the new Jokerz-run part of the city known as Jokerz Town.

Fans of the show should enjoy this, but there's not much new here to explore (as with most Rebirth issues the main goal is to set the stage for what is to come). Batman Beyond: Rebirth #1 is mainly concerned with resetting the world with McGinnis back in the Bat-suit (mostly ignoring Tim Drake's New 52 run) and reintroducing readers to the series' core characters including teasing the possible return of Batman's most dangerous enemy. For fans.

[DC, $2.99]

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