Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Flash - Magenta

"Magenta" introduces a new meta-human altered by Doctor Alchemy when a schizophrenic girl with an abusive Foster Care family begins lashing out at those who have hurt her. Calling herself Magenta (Joey King), the young woman uses her powers to manipulate metal of any size to put her Foster Care father in the hospital. Not even aware of what her other personality is doing when she is blacked out, eventually it will take the Flash (Grant Gustin) to talk her through her pain and understand just what she is doing before she hurts hundreds of more people to get her vengeance.

The episode is also notable for the return of both Dr. Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) and Jesse (Violett Beane) from Earth-2. Wells is concerned with the consequences of Barry's latest time travel, but his main focus is his daughter. Since we've seen her last Jesse has developed super-speed. Despite his attempts to delay and dissuade her from using it, Jesse proves more than capable in helping Barry stop Magenta. Finally earning her father's trust, Jesse also gets a spiffy new suit to end the episode.

The women of the episode come off better than the men this week. Although Barry gets the nice moment at the end of the episode to talk Magenta down he spends much of it complaining about his new lab partner, and it's Jesse who really shines using her speed for the first time to help people. It takes the combination of both Jesse and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) put Wells in his place and force the doctor to trust his daughter. Wally's (Keiynan Lonsdale) sulking continues, and his discovery of Jesse's speed makes him even more desperate (almost suicidal) in his attempt to jump-start his own. While the episode ends without a Kid Flash, it's easy to notice Wally's reaction to Magenta's stories of how Alchemy reached out to her through her dreams. I'm guessing we won't have to wait too much longer Wally is zooming around Central City as well.

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