Monday, October 3, 2016

Elementary - Folie a Deux

The Fifth Season of Elementary begins with the return of a serial bomber to New York City after a six-year hiatus. The investigation reunites Watson (Lucy Liu) with one of her former patients (Nelsan Ellis) who apparently may be sticking around for a few episodes as a recurring character. While the investigation leads to an obvious suspect (Matthew Del Negro), Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) and Watson struggle with connecting the man to the crimes until the realize they are looking for not one bomber but two.

The help of Watson's acquaintance leads them to the original bomber (Lee Tergesen), but it takes additional time to uncover the reason for the bomber's return and his new highly-specific target area. The premiere seems to tease Watson missing an important piece of both her previous two professions (surgeon and sober companion). Holmes' advice to help the former convict she once saved on the operating table may help to soothe the need to tap into that need to help, but the episode's closing scene also suggests it could lead somewhere unpleasant for one, or both, of the detectives this season.

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