Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Detective Comics #957

With the extended arc surrounding the invasion of Gotham first by an army of Batmen an then by the League of Shadows, Detective Comics has let the actions of Spoiler fall through the cracks. Detective Comics #957 picks up this thread to let us in on what Stephanie Brown has been up to since the apparent death of Tim Drake.

Obviously still in mourning, the vigilante has come up with a plan to focus attention away from Batman and the Bat-Family by solving crimes and giving the GCPD all the credit. It's an odd plan, but fits in with her role of "spoiler" I guess. It also gives her an outlet to use her pain for good rather than misguidedly taking on or harming any member of the Bat-Family directly. Of course there is glaring error in her plan: mostly Batman doesn't take credit for what he does, meaning her actions might not amount to what she hopes. Also the lure of Batman, and the fear he causes the lesser-criminals of Gotham City, isn't to be ignored.

Despite my problems with Stephanie's plan, and concerns about her potential ally, I'm glad to see her get back into the comic (even if I would prefer it to be as a member of the team). Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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