Monday, May 22, 2017

Samurai Jack - Episode CI

"Episode CI" offers a bittersweet ending to the tale of the time-displaced samurai warrior that began on August 10, 2001. With Jack (Phil LaMarr) captured all eyes turn to Aku (Greg Baldwin) who broadcasts his victory across the entire world. The final episode brings in several faces we've seen over the course of the series including a personal favorite of mine in the forest creatures that once taught Jack to jump good. Rising to the call, all of those once saved by Jack attack Aku giving Jack a fighting chance. While not in any serious threat, the sheer number of Woolies, Scotsmen, Spartans, Canine Archaeologists, Archers, Triseraquins, the giant Robo Samurai, and others do provide the momentary distraction for Jack to reach the Aku-controlled Ashi (Tara Strong) who not only discovers her free will but also the fact that she shares Aku's powers - which include the ability to create a time portal. For those that haven't watched the episode I won't spoil the ending except to say series creator Genndy Tartakovsky crafts a definitive ending to Jack's adventures which, like the series itself, provides plenty of action, humor, and tragedy. While I think there's something to be said to allow Jack to continue his never-ending quest against an undefeatable evil, what we're given here proves to be a fitting end to the show's final season. And this finale, touching on events from the very first episode through the end of the series allows Jack to end his quest in style. Thanks for all the great memories, samurai.

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