Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Infamous Iron Man #8

Infamous Iron Man #8 offers us a confrontation of two would-be Iron Men. Tracking Doctor Doom back to Latveria, Riri Williams is surprised by not finding a fight waiting for her but a talk with a weary former villain attempting to make good. I'll credit writer Brian Michael Bendis for offering something different other than the "make 'em fight then work things out" you expect to see in just such an encounter. Instead Risi is completely thrown off by Doom's stance and his vision of the future.

While I'm still not super-excited with the evil Mirror, Mirror version of Reed Richards being the looming threat for Victor von Doom to deal with, Reed's evil doppelganger does incentivize the Thing to take down Doom for good. The problem is, Ben should immeadiately know something is wrong with Reed merely by what he's asking. I'll let this play out a little more before I come down too hard on this plotline, but I'm far from sold.

I'm not sure how long Marvel can keep Doom in the role of one of it's biggest named heroes, but if Victor's visions are to be believed Marvel may have other ideas for the character rather than simply returning him to his old status once this arc plays out. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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