Monday, May 8, 2017

Samurai Jack – Episode XCVIII

Continuing the major turning point from the end of "Episode XCVII," freed from his suicidal impulses but not from his internal demons, Jack (Phil LaMarr) will journey inward in search of himself and his missing sword leaving Ashi (Tara Strong) to prevent an army of Aku's (Greg Baldwin) minions and the High Priestess (Grey Griffin) from killing the samurai. By the end of the episode the samurai will find himself, find his sword, and look far more like the original character than we've seen this season.

With only three episodes remaining, "XCVIII" establishes Samurai Jack firmly back on his path. The episode also highlights Ashi who puts herself on the line against not only an unstoppable horde but also the woman who raised her in an attempt to buy Jack the time he needs. She's certainly come a long way in such a short time. Jack has found a valuable ally in Ashi... and perhaps more?

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