Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Samurai Jack - Episode C

The penultimate episode of Samurai Jack brings Jack (Phil LaMarr) and Aku (Greg Baldwin) face-to-face for the first time in the show's final season. Learning from Scaramouch (Tom Kenny) that Jack is without his magical sword, Aku shows up to interrupt Jack and Ashi (Tara Strong) to destroy the samurai once and for all. The disappointment that the samurai has retrieved his sword is short-lived, however, as Aku discovers a brand-new weapon of his own to use against Jack.

Beginning immeadiately following the end of the preivous episode, "Episode C" gives us more of the awkwardness between Jack and Ashi following their kiss. We also get Jack attempting to do the heroic thing while setting out to destroy Aku alone. He may have been better off if Ashi had let him go, as Aku's recognition that Ashi is his flesh-and-blood leads to a heartbreaking turn as Aku takes control of his daughter's body to use as a weapon against Jack. And, for the first time, Aku finally finds the right weapon to defeat his foe. Unable to destroy Ashi, Jack finally admits defeat, abandons his quest, and submits to Aku. What then, will the next (and final) episode bring? What will be the fate of Samurai Jack, Ashi, and the evil that is Aku?

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Jaime Nieves said...

Oh Please Gennady please i want to see ashi and Jack kill Aku together. And after defeating Aku , Jack and Ashi should get married and Ashi i going to wear a beautiful wedding dress just like tiana dress from Walt Disney's Princess and the Frog and together they should have their own Walt Disney ending