Monday, May 8, 2017

Elektra #3

Trapped in Murderworld by Arcade along with a group of athletes, D-list celebrities, and reality-TV stars, the game begins as the super-villain's predators begin hunting the group. It soon becomes obvious Elektra can't save any of the other contestants and has to focus on staying alive and killing as many of the hunters as possible.

Elektra #3 contains a flashback to Elektra working with Daredevil in an attempt to be less murdery and more heroic. The failed lesson there and her inability to save the ill-prepared other contestants have a common theme about Elektra's struggle against what she does so well: kill. Of course we're stuck with the same common problem with any Daredevil flashback since he altered reality in ways which still haven't been fully explained. What Elektra remembers is, at best, only partially true.

Round One goes to our heroine, but it's obviously a rigged game. Arcade controls Murderworld and can change the stakes at any time. Putting Elektra back on the defensive, next issue she'll have to focus back on saving a life and not just killing everything that moves. For fans.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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