Thursday, May 4, 2017

Lucifer - Candy Morningstar

After an extended hiatus Lucifer finally returns. I'll be honest, like Chloe (Lauren German) I was irked by Lucifer (Tom Ellis) apparently reverting to form showing up after an unannounced two-week vacation with a bimbette bride (Lindsey Gort) and walking into the police station as if nothing had happened. As the episode unfolded, however, there are aspects of the story that turned out to be better planned than simply resetting the status quo just for the sake of doing so. The hidden nobility of Lucifer's actions and the truth about just who Candy (Gort) is both continue to build on a character who is far more layered than when Detective Decker first walked in to his bar. The subplot of his Mum (Tricia Helfer) wracking her head attempting to make sense out of such a bizarre action turned out to be an added treat.

The mystery of the week, which involves the death of a rising band's guitarist, is really just the window dressing to allow the devil to charm himself back into Chloe's good graces. The bigger ideas of the episode involve Lucifer pushing Chloe away for her own good, not to protect her from his devilish ways but because from his point of view her feelings towards him are nothing more than the manipulations of his father (who apparently we'll be seeing in the not-so-distant future). Of course the truth of who and what Lucifer is, and Chloe's willingness/unwillingness to accept that fact are a far greater hurdle, but only midway through the show's Second Season it doesn't appear that Lucifer is ready to tackle that challenge just yet.

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