Thursday, May 11, 2017

Samurai Jack - Episode XCIX

"Episode XCIX" is the first episode of the show's final season where we see the old Jack (Phil LaMarr) back in action, and the first time Ashi (Tara Strong) sees Jack at his best. Having a strong throwback feel, the episode could have easily taken place far earlier in the show's run. After fleeing from a group of Tiger Men assassins and taking shelter from a storm, Jack and Ashi explore a crashed alien obelisk containing a dangerous prisoner known as Lazarus-92 made up of thousands of space worms. As Jack and Ashi fight for their life the pair grow closer leading the episode's final shot.

While showcasing our heroes slaughter a mass of space worms, "Episode XCIX" is the most humorous episode of the show's final season filled with sexual innuendo and uncomfortable moments between Jack ans Ashi. There's also a fun sequence where our heroes discover a device to stop the galactic criminal but Ashi distracts Jack during the explanation of how it works which leads to all kinds of trouble in the episode's final minutes. Their survival, and the kiss that follows, suggests Jack has an added reason to destroy Aku (Greg Baldwin)... and now also a reason to stay in the dystopian future which has been his home for so long.

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