Monday, May 22, 2017

Elementary - Hurt Me, Hurt You

Elementary's season finale wraps up the the gang storyline which began with the introduction of Shinwell (Nelsan Ellis). A brewing gang war between the group Shinwell hoped to take down and a rival gang has the whole city on edge. Discovering events began with the abduction and murder of the sister of a rival gang leader, Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) and Watson (Lucy Liu) watch as Tyus Wilcox (Stephen Rider) turns events to his advantage, cutting a deal with the District Attorney to avoid prosecution and help stop a gang war. With Holmes distracted by events he refuses to share with his partner, Watson digs deeper to find justice for Shinwell.

The Shinwell story is wrapped up fairly well, although in doing so the show gets rid of a character who could have become a larger enemy for our detectives down the line. The second storyline, involving Holmes' mysterious friend (Joanna Christie) continues to feel like a rushed afterthought. Given how the truth of the woman is revealed, and what it may mean for Sherlock next season, events should have been laid out with far more care. While this does set-up a cliffhanger, there's little doubt that any trouble Sherlock is facing will be dealt with in short order allowing the show to return to the status quo.

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