Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Wild Storm #4

Warren Ellis continues to re-envision the Wildstorm universe with the introduction of another key character in Henry Bendix. As was the case in his previous incarnation, Bendix is still the head of a super-secret government agency. He's also still very much a complete dick, but this version does have a bit of a sense of humor (albeit still a dark murdery one).

With some very important introductions over the past couple issues the main story thread has gotten a bit muddled. Angela Spica is still on the run, the government is still after her, and Grifter and his pals are still a pain in the ass for everyone involved (while murdering secret government agents in the coolest way possible for a guy with a handkerchief for a face).

While Bendix's addition fits well into the mix, I'm still not sure exactly how the new version of Jenny Sparks (introduced in the last issue) fits in with all these other pieces. Like her first incarnation, she continues to be a wild card who could have major impact in a variety of different ways. And how many of her old friends will also show up in the coming issues? Worth a look.

[DC, $3.99]

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