Monday, May 15, 2017

X-Men: Blue #3

X-Men: Blue #3 is and odd issue that seems to be going somewhere interesting until if falls apart at the end and wastes a strong set-up. Heading to Barcelona to check-in on the appearance of Sentinels, Jean Grey and the time-displaced X-Men discover something they never expected: Sentinels attempting to help a mutant with her uncontrollable abilities. Referring to both the young mutant and the X-Men as fellow mutants, the Sentinels refuse to attack and take the team back to their creator: Nimrod (who, after seeing a bleak view of the future without mutantkind has decided to help preserve them).

Writer Cullen Bunn holds the tension of the comic fairly well until the reasons behind Nimrod's actions are revealed and the X-Men go all smashy-smashy. The trouble is, whatever his motives, at the present Nimrod is actually a friend to mutantkind and his actions (and considerable resources) would be valuable to the X-Men and countless mutants in trouble (not to mention giving them time to readjust the super-villain's idea about mutants by working with him). Oh well. Hit-and-Miss.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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