Monday, June 4, 2018

Deception - Transposition

The First Season finale of Deception offers a swerve and reset to the show, offering several different ways the plot could go next year. With the Mystery Woman (Stephanie Corneliussen) in FBI custody and Jonathan's (Jack Cutmore-Scott) freedom closer than it has ever been, things begin to go wrong. First, their evil genius lets them in on an attempted kidnapping of a foreign official who is being pressured to step away from his country's first democratic elections. As events spiral out of control, the FBI release Jonathan to help with an elaborate ruse to save the official and his wife, and the Mystery Woman continues to plant poison Jonathan's ears. Having proved her worth, the Mystery Woman is whisked away by the FBI leaving the brothers with nothing to show for a year of work.

At a loss, the Amazing Cameron Black (Cutmore-Scott) breaks ties with the FBI and attempts to break his brother out of prison. Once again, things go horribly wrong as Jonathan is all in for a break-up... just not with his brother. So now Jonathan is on the outside working with the Mystery Woman (or is he?), and Cameron is locked in prison. Does Cameron reveal the truth to the FBI, sending a manhunt after his brother? Or does he stay quiet and remain in prison in Jonathan's place? I guess we'll just have to wait and see what both magicians have up their sleeve.

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