Saturday, June 16, 2018

Hawkman #1

Hawkman has a long and convoluted comic history. The new series from writer Robert Venditti and artist Bryan Hitch hopes to add to the character's history while making some sense out of the reincarnated warrior who has been everything from an Egyptian prince to a space cop from Thanagar. The best attempt to merge and make sense of the character's colorful backstory was in JSA more than 10 years ago, but attempts to make the character a mainstay in the DCU since then have had mixed success before fizzling out.

Hawkman #1 gives us Carter Hall the archeologist on a mission to discover more of his history, which he believes is hidden from him. Opening with Carter robbing a sacred tomb and destroying a strange giant flying ape protector (as weird as it sounds), Hall then turns to Madame Xanadu to help lift the clouds of his past... and future? Glimpsing enough to make him continue his search, but without answers to make sense of his visions, where does the hero go now? Odd, but entertaining, I'm curious to see what happens next. For fans.

[DC, $3.99]

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