Monday, June 4, 2018

Legion - Chapter 17

Without showing us what she did with Clark (Hamish Linklater), "Chapter 17" fills in on how the Shadow King (Navid Negahban) won over Melanie (Jean Smart). Frankly, it wasn't that difficult (and pretty much unfolded exactly how you would expect). Despite preventing Clark from fulfilling his part in David's (Dan Stevens) plan, the rest of his time-delayed chess peices are all able to perform their actions which end in Lenny (Aubrey Plaza) the desert with the monks and a weapon David believes should be powerful enough to destroy the Shadow King. How crucial was Clark's role, and will it be large enough to derail David's plans?

While the glacially-paced race to the Shadow King's body continues, the episode does offer a new twist for the resurrected Lenny. At the beginning of resuming her old lifestyle, Lenny discovers she's not alone in her stolen body and Amy's (Katie Aselton) consciousness has survived. The internal dialogue between the two is interesting, and I'm curious to find out David's reaction to the news that part of his sisters has survived. As for our lead character, he's largely absent here as the episode stays focused on various supporting characters throughout the episode.

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