Monday, June 25, 2018

Stellar #1

As with old sci-fi paperbacks, sometimes a cool cover and an intriguing title is all you need. Stellar #1 from writer Joe Keatinge and artist Bret Blevins fits into sci-fi fantasy with space-bound bounty hunters and soldiers dropping from the sky like kamikaze comets. Transformed as a weapon in intergalactic war but now working as a bounty hunter, the first issue introduces us the formidable Stellar who mirrors the broken landscape which she drags her reluctant bounty across.

We get a pretty basic bounty hunter story set against the interesting alien backdrop. From what we see of her, Stellar wouldn't be out of place in any number of other sci-fi settings from Star Wars to Firefly.

There's obviously far more to delve into the character than we glimpse in this first issue. I'll be curious to see if the reveals help flesh out the character or bruise the mystery surrounding her. Although we don't learn the full extent of Stellar's powers and abilities, the final few panels clue us in to the fact that there are others like her out there. And it seems like they have some issues with their former colleague. Worth a look.

[Image, $3.99]

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