Saturday, June 2, 2018

Justice League Action - Captain Bamboozle

The first of two episodes to feature the fifth-dimensional imp Mr. Mxyzptlk (Gilbert Gottfried, in some inspired casting), "Captain Bamboozle" finds the mischievous creature causing new havoc by imparting super-powers to Billy Batson's (Sean Astin) foster uncle Dudley H. Dudley (John Astin) whose feeling a bit useless in not being able to help Billy when her turns into Captain Marvel, er... Shazam. Pretending to be the wizard, Mxyzptlk grants Dudley a wide range of super-powers (and costume that perfectly captures the homemade costume the Golden Age version of the character wore to feel part of the Marvel Family). Longtime fans of the Marvel Family should enjoy themselves here, although the only thing we don't get, which I'll admit leaves me slightly disappointed, is a way to fit Hoppy into the story.

Along with Captain Marvel, er... Shazam, the episode also features Batman (Kevin Conroy), Red Tornado, and Wonder Woman (Rachel Kimsey) who step in to help fix the chaos that Dudley unintentionally causes (including a giant super-cute kitty that wreaks havoc on the city streets which Batman calmly disarms with a laser pointer). While perhaps not naturally suited to the role of super-hero, Dudley does his part in tricking the imp to say his name backwards and force Mxyzptlk to his own dimension. Maybe he's more of a hero than Billy is willing to admit.

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