Friday, June 29, 2018

Voltron - Razor's Edge

While Allura (Kimberly Brooks) and Lotor (A.J. LoCascio) begin creating new ships infused with Altaen alchemy, Keith (Steven Yeun) and his mother (Ana Gasteyer) head off into unstable space known as the Quantum Abyss in search of a batch of super-duper magical quintessence that went missing years before. Although it's a pretty convenient plot device, the timeflashes caused by the unstable space provide a way for the show to cram in flashbacks to Keith and his mother's pasts, while the relative time of the anomaly gives them years together to get to know each other, and the flashes of the future also continuing to foreshadow trouble with Shiro (Josh Keaton). I'm guessing the relative time difference will shoot the pair back out not far from when they entered. The pair's adoption of a cosmic wolf is an interesting touch, as is their surprising discovery in the middle of the abyss. Just what does this mean for Allura's alliance with Lotor?

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