Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Wild Storm #14

Fourteen issues into the series, writer Warren Ellis continues to build on the universe of The Wild Storm. The latest issue introduces us to another human transformed in Project Thunderbird when John Lynch visits his old friend Alexandra Fairchild. Although we don't get an appearance by Abigail's daughter, Catilin is mentioned as it appears at least Gen13 character will make an appearance in the series (but, as yet, still no mention of Planetary).

As we've come the expect from the series, The Wild Storm #14 jumps around to various other characters a well. We get Jenny Mei Sparks and Shen Li-Men making nice with Jack Hawksmoor (and a glimpse that Jenny 2.0 has a little of the original's fire in her), and, in the comic's biggest action sequences featuring a lot of headshots, we see the cold war between I.O. and Skywatch heat up. Despite Zealot killing off the intruders, I.O.'s retaliation for the death of their agents is brutal, and effective, battle cry. Better get your team together, Miss Sparks, this world is in need of some authority. Worth a look.

[DC, $3.99]

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