Thursday, June 28, 2018

Elementary - Nobody Lives Forever

With Holmes' (Jonny Lee Miller) mental issues seemingly behind him and his new adversary still laying low. "Nobody Lives Forever" offers the opportunity for the return of Sherlock's former sponsor Alfredo (Ato Essandoh) who hopes to enlist him in a criminal endeavor. In an episode where the B-story proves more interesting than the crime of the week, Alfredo teaches the detective an important lesson about forgiveness (oddly enough while attempting to coerce Holmes into helping rob a business owner of money he stiffed the security expert on) as Holmes not only helps Alfredo's older brother, whom he loathes, but also makes an attempt to mend fences with his own. This leads to both a humorous wisecrack about his brother and his partner as well as a touching final scene where the Holmes and Watson (Lucy Liu) bonding over the loss of a mutual loved one.

As for the murder of the week, it involves the death of a biology professor who was one of the leading candidates in a pharmaceutical company's contest which would award the winner $5 million. When the man's partner is killed as well, and the man's research is stolen from police impound, Holmes and Watson begin looking at other contestants for the prize. Eventually Holmes uncovers the true motive for the murder (even while distracted by Alfredo's offer and contemplating his unforgiving nature to those who have wronged him or those he cares about). The mystery is boilerplate Elementary, while the more character-driven subplot proves to be more memorable.

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