Saturday, June 9, 2018

Justice League #1

Writer Scott Snyder and artist Jim Cheung relaunch the Justice League with a first issue that throws the reader into a battle between the Neanderthal army of Vandal Savage and the Justice League. Several DC heroes as shown, and others are mentioned as the group fights across the world on multiple fronts. However, the true danger lies not on the ground but from the skies.

There's much to like here include the classic nod to the Justice League meeting in the Hall of Justice. This new version also has the Martian Manhunter as the chairman of the league, using his telepathic abilities to connect the heroes around the globe and, when necessary, bring the core members together in a psychic board room. I'm also pleased to see that the core group includes another female hero, besides Wonder Woman, in Hawgirl.

Despite being on a semi-hero kick in recent years, this issue seems to trumpet the return of Lex Luthor as a major villain while foreshadowing something possibly Earth shattering in whatever is making it to Earth. It's a solid beginning. Worth a look.

[DC, $3.99]

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