Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Lucifer - Once Upon a Time

You know what they say, any episode of Lucifer than includes a fight between Furries in the middle of a convention is a good episode of Lucifer. It's hard to tell where exactly in continuity the first of these two Lucifer "bonus episodes" takes place. "Boo Normal" puts Ella (Aimee Garcia) front and center as the medical examiner struggles with pressure from her family to move back home to Detroit, dealing with the unexpected return of the ghost (Charlyne Yi) who used to haunt her after a childhood accident, and helping Chloe (Lauren German) with a murder case. With a little prompting from her metaphysical friend, Ella not only solves the crime but also chooses to share her secret with Chloe.

Meanwhile Dan (Kevin Alejandro) and Lucifer (Tom Ellis) team-up to track down a suspect (Madeleine Coghlan) who made off with Detective Douche's badge and the Devil's car. After hearing the story, a gleeful Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) is all too eager to help find the missing teenager. The two storylines intersect on Ms. Lopez' turn of phrase which clues Lucifer into an important fact about the "ghost" who is haunting his friend and the celestial push that led Ella to work for the LAPD. While initially upset that another of his siblings is messing with his life on Earth, it doesn't take long for Lucifer to admit that his younger sister has a point. With the show coming to an end I guess we'll never really know if the pair could or would ever bond over the truth, but it is an intriguing idea to think about.

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