Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Supergirl - Not Kansas

"Not Kansas" opens with the defeat of Reign (Odette Annable) and Lena purging the Kryptonian alter-ego and saving Sam. The episode ends with a new Kryptonian threat as those behind Reign's existence show up on Earth and restore her citadel. In between, he latest episode of Supergirl offers two main stories. The first of these centers around Kara (Melissa Benoist) deciding to return to Argo with Mon-El (Chris Wood) and spend some time with her mother (Erica Durance). The other centers around weapons designed for the DEO hitting the streets and into the hands of an unstable lawyer with plans to use them against his former company.

Kara and Mon-El on Argo offers the chance for each to enjoy the Kryptonian hospitality. The joy of Kara's return home is undercut by a feeling that something is wrong in Argo. Ultimately vindicated, others initially dismiss Kara's concerns of being followed and that she was the target for an accident that nearly kills hr in the town square. The followers of Yuda Kal are all too real, and taking the ship provided to them by Supergirl, have made their way to Earth to offer death and destruction to all. And with Supergirl light years away, stranded on an asteroid, who will defend the Earth?

While tackling an important issue like gun control, the other storyline only gives token representation for those who fight for the right to own guns. We get the manufacturer who offers a canned rationale (a mix between corporate profits and family legacy) and Lena's (Katie McGrath) legitimate argument for their use is rather quickly pushed aside as well. While I applaud the show making a stand on such an issue, and it certainly makes sense for the DEO to come up with alternatives given their resources, it's far from the most elegant plot thread the show's writers have developed. Other threads of interest: Alex's (Chyler Leigh) farewell to Kara and making a decision about her future, Lena meeting Eve Teschmacher (Andrea Brooks), and the foreshadowing of the end of M'yrnn's (Carl Lumbly) storyline.

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