Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Elementary - Sober Companions

Opening with the discovery of a murder victim which both hits close to home with the NYPD and also reveals that several other women all murdered by the same killer, "Sober Companions" brings two ongoing storylines to a head. The first involves Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) discovering Michael's (Desmond Harrington) secret. And the second involves the detective pushing himself beyond the limitations of his medical condition in a futile attempt to catch a serial killer who has been two-steps ahead of him the entire season (and credits Sherlock's words of wisdom about sobriety for much of his success).

It's been a little while since we've seen the reckless lengths Holmes will go to in order to take down a killer. His plan to dose a fellow addict with the same drug that still holds power over him is a startling reminder of the character's ability to rationalize almost anything if he believes it serves a greater purpose. Watson's (Lucy Liu) willingness to go along with such a plan might be a bit more problematic for the version of the character we saw in Season One, but her willingness to end the case not only to get justice for more than a dozen victims (and save potential future victims) but also close the case before Sherlock pushes himself any further makes perfect sense for the character we've watch evolve over the past few seasons. The idea that Michael will return in a prolonged cat-and-mouse storyline is interesting development, as is Sherlock's moment of respite (which apparently will take place entirely off-screen) that will return the character back to fighting shape in time to solve a few murders of the week while pitting his intelligence against a killer who has already fooled him once.

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